When To Choose A Portable Container

29 October 2016
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One of the most common ways to transport your belongings across a long distance is to use a portable container. Since there are many methods of transporting belongings across long distances, it is important to know when using a portable container is the best option and when it is better to use a different approach.

Consider Your Budget

Portable containers are moderately expensive, compared to renting your own truck. However, renting a truck can be a major hassle for a long distance move. It is much easier to rent a portable container and much less expensive to do so than it is to hire a full service moving provider. It is especially more expensive when shipping something on a long distance move, unlike with the option of renting a truck. The cost of portable containers can escalate the more belongings you are shipping, and it can eventually become as expensive as hiring a moving service.

Decide When You Will Need Your Things

If you cannot get to your belongings immediately, portable storage can be a convenient option. Your belongings will be held in storage for 30 days, and you may be able to extend this timeline for a fee.

Know That You May Receive Moving Assistance

When you need assistance loading and unloading, this is usually available with a portable container service. This is helpful if you are not able to lift many of your belongings yourself.

Remember That Your Belongings May Be Insured

Most portable container services offer insurance. This is beneficial when you have thousands of dollars worth of belongings that are being transported. However, the downside is that there are often limits on how much your belongings will be insured for and you may need even more insurance.

Keep In Mind The Versatility

Portable shipping containers are highly versatile. You have the option of having the container stored on your property and can move your belongings inside the container at your leisure. When you are ready, the shipping container can then be transported to your new location. Then, the shipping container can sit on your property until you are ready to use it. Or, if you do not want your shipping container to remain on your property at all, you can have it placed in storage and can retrieve your belongings when you are ready for them. This makes this option ideal if you are not sure of when you will have time to retrieve belongings.

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