Establish These Roles For Your Helpers To Make Moving Day Flow Smoothly

12 July 2016
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Your upcoming moving day has the potential to be hectic, but with the right amount of preparation — and a number of helping hands — there's no reason for it to be. Whether or not you hire a moving service to contribute on the big day, you'll likely recruit some members of your family and some friends to show up bright and early to play a role. While you can appreciate helpers, the reality is that not everyone can load boxes into the moving truck; there'd be too much congestion around the ramp and, as a result, too many people standing around waiting. You can keep the moving process flowing smoothly, however, by taking stock of your helpers and assigning these roles.

Handyman Or Handywoman

While some things will be ready to be moved into the truck right away, others will need some tinkering first — and that's where the handyman or woman comes in. Assign this role to someone who is adept with tools; he or she will be taking apart beds and other large pieces of furniture and keeping track of all the hardware so it's not lost.

Electronics Expert

Packing up your electronics can be among the most daunting assignments on moving day, especially if you're concerned about your ability to plug everything in correctly once you get to your new home. Your electronics expert role is ideal for someone who is passionate about tech gadgets. This person can carefully unplug entertainment units, computers, and surround sound systems, and then carefully label everything so it can easily be reassembled in the new house.


You don't want to leave a dirty house behind for the next owner, so making sure that someone (or a couple people) can tidy the home during the move is ideal. These people should work in rooms that have been emptied so that they're not in the way. They can vacuum, sweep, dust, and even repair holes in the walls with putty.

Refreshments Supervisor

Even though the focus of the day is on moving, your crew will need to eat and keep hydrated. Given that everyone is busy, it's ideal to assign the role of refreshments supervisor to someone who perhaps can't do much heavy lifting. This person can not only take care of meals, whether it's preparing sandwiches or ordering pizza, but also distribute bottles of water to everyone throughout the day.

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