Need To Move Your Kids Playroom Out Of The Garage? Follow The Right Storage Methods

6 July 2016
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After buying a home, you will typically have a garage that you can transform into nearly anything. You may have decided to turn this space into a playroom for your children. It is an excellent choice for when you do not have much room in the rest of your home for your kids to freely play around. But, it may not be feasible to use the garage as a playroom for the whole time that you live in the home. If you have a new car you need to keep safe or long-term remodeling projects you want to start working on, you should consider putting most of the playroom into a storage unit until you can set it up again.

Nap Gear

Kids are prone to getting tired suddenly, especially after expelling a lot of energy in a short session. Having pillows, blankets, and kid-sized lounge chairs in the playroom allows for quick naps. But, when it comes time to put these items into storage, you want to do it the right way to come back to clean nap gear. An easy way that takes up the least amount of space is to throw as much as you can into vacuum bags. If you already use plastic bins in the playroom, you can put the bags in there to protect the items even more.


The category of toys is vast and endless. New ones are always being made, and that is in addition to the countless other toys that you can find for your kids at retail stores, thrift stores, garage sales, and online. You may have a lovely setup for LEGOs that separates everything by color or theme, but trying to throw these bins or other organizers into a storage unit as is can lead to some problems down the line. You do not want each LEGO piece to get covered in dust if it stays in storage for an extended period of time. Putting the collection into plastic bins with clever stacking will optimize space and avoid dust buildup. It is a good idea to apply the same line of thinking when it comes to storing all of the other toys.

Wall Art

If you have collected artwork for your kids, such as Disney, Pixar, or Studio Ghibli prints, you will likely need to put some or all of them into storage as you may not have enough room to fit them in your home. There is also a good chance that your kids have created some art of their own that you have hung up. Make sure to clean every piece thoroughly before attempting to put anything into storage. Add cardboard to frame corners, polish wood frames with oil, and get climate control to avoid moisture damage.

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