How To Be Ruthless About Getting Rid Of Stuff Before The Move

5 July 2016
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Cutting down on the amount of stuff you own is an easy way to reduce your moving costs. But it can be hard to give up items you own. Here are some ruthless ways to make decisions about what to throw out or give away. 

Choose a Smaller Van

Choosing the largest van your moving company offers may provide some security, but it certainly won't help you to get rid of some of your stuff. If you reserve a truck one size down from what you think you need now, you'll certainly be motivated to make some hard choices about what to take and what to leave behind. 

Imagine Your New Life

Starting over in a new place is the perfect opportunity to change up your style to match your new life. Take a moment to think about what you want your life to look like in your new location. Then, take a hard look at each item you own and decide whether that item really fits in with the picture. You may find yourself getting rid of old clothes and furniture styles that no longer match who you want to be. 

Put a Sticker On It

It's easy to think you use your belongings way more often than you do. If you have a few spare months before your move, then try putting a sticker on each item you own. When you use the item, take the sticker off. When it comes time to pack, you can easily see which items you don't actually need because they haven't been used in months. 

Consider Furniture Carefully

Furniture is one of the biggest and most expensive items to move, so make sure that you're really getting value out of shipping your tables and couches. Do you see yourself owning these same items for the next 5 or more years? If not, consider trying to sell them before you leave. You can put the cash towards buying a furniture set that matches where you want to go. 

Also consider how valuable the furniture is. If you own a busted up couch, you could probably pick up a similar couch at your destination without losing too much money. Also, how is the furniture's construction? If you think it might not make it through the move, then you might not want to waste the space on it. 

By deeply considering the value of each item you add to your moving van, you can keep money in your pocket for other move-related expenses. If you are truly unsure about ditching your items, then consider a short-term self storage unit to store extra items in case you change your mind. For more information or assistance with storage, contact companies like Lake County Storage of Round Lake Heights.