Four Perks You Can Take Advantage Of By A Sharing Storage Unit With A Friend

30 June 2016
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If you need to keep some of your items in a storage facility, you might want to consider renting a storage unit with a friend. This can be a great way to save money and space, depending on your specific needs. Here are four perks renting a storage unit with a friend might bring to the table.

1. Friends With Similar Hobbies

If you have a close friend that shares your excitement for ocean kayaking, biking, or snowboarding, you both might have some big equipment that can be hard to store at your respective homes. If you and your buddy tend to hit the water or the slopes together, having items in a shared storage unit will make activities easier to coordinate as well. The same can go for musical equipment or crafting supplies that might take up too much space at home.

2. Traveling Companions

If you and your friend travel together quite a bit, you might not have a true home base to keep all of your belongings. If you tend to couch surf or stay at home with parents in between trips, you and your traveling companion may want to rent out a storage unit together. You can store items that you would like to keep for the long term but don't necessarily need on the road or with you every day.

3. More Storage Space for Less Money

Storage facilities might offer better deals for the amount of space in larger storage units. If you compare the cost difference between smaller and larger storage units, you might find that it would be more economical to split a larger space with a friend. If the two of you can bunk up in a larger storage unit, you'll still have all of the benefits of a storage facility for a fraction of the cost.

4. Making a Smaller Rental Home Workable

If you and a friend are looking for a rental home together, you might find that your budget will require downsizing. Don't give up if homes that you and your friend can afford might not fit all of your household items. Utilizing a storage unit on top of renting your home can give you the space you need and stay within your combined budget.  

If you can get by with the items that you actually need around you every day, you and your friend can share a storage unit for less utilized items. Sharing a storage unit with a friend can save you money and can keep you both more organized.