Why A Storage Unit Could Benefit Your Online Boutique Or Store

28 June 2016
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Do you have an online boutique or store? If so and you keep your goods stored at home until they are shipped to customers, you may be experiencing space issues. Perhaps you feel like work is literally taking over your home life. Some small businesses like yours fair well when they first start out, and later, business owners may even decide to open a brick and mortar location. This is not always necessary or preferred, and it may not be the best decision if most of your profits are not generated locally. The following points will help you to understand how a storage unit could benefit you.

Creativity and Productivity

Having clutter around you might be negatively impacting your creativity. This is likely very important if your business makes and designs its own goods, but even if you buy merchandise wholesale and resale it, clutter may make you feel overwhelmed. This can impact your approach to marketing, offering new items, and dealing with customer issues. For example, if you are overwhelmed by clutter, you may feel too frustrated to handle customer returns or track orders. 


One of the best things about storing goods away from your home is that you will be able to enjoy your home for its intended purpose and have a place dedicated to finished items, excess materials and parts, and items that are ready to ship. Perhaps you will want to keep one room at your home as a home office or work studio, but the rest of your home will be tidy and ready to entertain guests if you decide to. If you have a family, organization will likely benefit them too, because they will not have dig through piles of merchandise to find their belongings

Forecast and Prep

You likely have seasons that you expect to get more orders. You may have even been a boutique owner long enough to what your best sellers are. Having a storage unit will allow you to forecast, prepare, and store items before the peak times arrive. This will give you a headstart on orders instead of being bombarded and possibly having to hire help to fulfill your business needs. If you have products that are sensitive to hot or cold temperatures, a climate-controlled unit would benefit you if you decide to prep ahead. 

A storage facility is a good resource to use to determine more ways your online boutique or store could benefit from renting a unit. They can help you determine the best type of unit based upon the type of goods you intend to store. Click here for more info about it.