Four Big Packing Mistakes That You'll Pay For When It Comes Time To Unpack

24 June 2016
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Packing up all of your items to move to a new home can seem overwhelming. It's certainly tempting to toss everything into boxes as quickly as possible and tell yourself you'll worry about it later. However, failing to pack carefully and thoughtfully will come back to bite you later on when it's time to unpack. Here are four common packing mistakes that it's worth taking the time to avoid if you don't want unpacking to be a nightmare.

Mistake: Labeling too vaguely.

Scrawling "kitchen" or "bathroom" on a box is not sufficient. When you arrive in your new home and need to find a dish towel, hand soap, or a bowl, how many "kitchen" boxes will you have to open and rifle through in order to find it? Prevent messes and headaches by being more detailed in your labeling. "Kitchen Cleaning Items" and "Pots and Pans" are far better labels than "kitchen." If you really want to make things simple when it comes time to unpack, be even more specific and write a complete list of items on each box.

Mistake: Packing unneeded items.

If you haven't used an item in five years and doubt you'll use it in your new home, either, why take the time to pack it? These unneeded items add up quickly, and they mean you'll have to sort through a lot of clutter in order to unpack the items you really need. So, set unneeded items to the side as you pack, and then donate them to a thrift store or homeless shelter before you move.

Mistake: Overloading boxes.

Just because you can lift a box does not mean you should make it that heavy. Remember that when unpacking, you'll be dealing with a lot of boxes. You'll also be shuffling boxes from room to room, possibly multiple times, before you figure out where you want everything. You won't want to tire yourself out with really heavy boxes. Opt for smaller boxes than you think you need, and combine light and heavy items in each one so that no single box ends up too heavy. For instance, instead of packing one box full of books, use two boxes. Fill each one halfway with books and halfway with pillowcases. (Make sure you label them accordingly.)

Mistake: Not securing liquids and cosmetics.

You don't want open your box of bathroom items to find that hand soap has poured out over everything. Make sure you thoroughly secure all bottles of liquids and cosmetics to prevent this issue. An easy way to do this is to slip a small plastic bag over the top of a bottle, and then secure it with tape or a rubber band. For items like cosmetic compacts, zipping the entire item into a resealable bag is often easiest. Contact a company like Affordable Transfer Co Inc. for more information.