Four Tips For Storing Paintings

14 June 2016
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Paintings can greatly enhance the beauty of your home's interior. However, these decorations can require a lot of space, and if you have extra paintings, you may need to put some of them in storage to help keep the inside of your house from becoming cluttered. Consider these four tips to help ensure that your paintings make it through storage without suffering damage.

Use Climate-Controlled Storage

Temperature and humidity extremes can cause serious wear and tear to a painting. In addition to causing the paint to fade or crack, these extremes can also degrade the canvas. Fortunately, a climate-controlled unit can help you to avoid this problem because it will allow you to set a stable temperature and humidity range for your paintings. While these units will cost more than a traditional unit, this can be a worthwhile investment for ensuring that your stored artwork does not suffer these weather-related damages.

Use Cardboard To Protect The Canvas From Damage

When you are moving paintings into a storage unit, it can be easy to accidentally damage the canvas. Unfortunately, this canvas can be remarkably delicate, and they can be easy to tear or warp. Not surprisingly, this type of damage can completely ruin a painting. Luckily, you can help to prevent this type of damage by placing a piece of cardboard over the front of the painting. When putting the cardboard into place, you can use tape to attach it to the frame. The cardboard will absorb some of the impacts that could have otherwise damaged the canvas. When applying the cardboard to the painting, you will want to make sure that it is not too pressed to firmly against the canvas as this could cause it to wear away some of the paint.

Cover The Painting With A Cloth

After you have safely loaded the paintings into the storage unit, you should place a cloth sheet over them. Without this sheet, dust could easily gather on the paintings, which could lead to discolorations. Sadly, some individuals may use a plastic sheet for this purpose, but this should be avoided because the plastic can prevent the canvas and paint from being properly ventilated, which could make it easier for condensation to form.

Avoid Leaning Paintings Against Other Items

It can be a common mistake for individuals to lean paintings against each other or other large objects. However, this can put pressure on the canvas, which may cause it to stretch and warp. As a result, you should always make sure that the canvas is put on a flat surface so as to minimize this potential source of damage.

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